Holiday Office Party

Holiday office parties seem like the perfect way to spend nice bonding time with colleagues while eating little finger foods and sipping wine- right? This can definitely be the case, but in order to protect your professional image from say, kissing a coworker drunkenly, some precautions should be considered. We’ve gathered six of the main important factors to ensure Holiday office party success.


#1 - Plan Ahead

You should always plan ahead, which includes more than just your outfit and punctuality. Planning ahead will minimize disaster such as standing around awkwardly with nothing to talk about. It is helpful to come up with lighthearted topics beforehand to engage the conversations with.


#2 - Know Your Limits

Don’t overdo the drinking. Sure, a few drinks is fine, but you need to remember that you are at a somewhat professional company party which means you are subject to judgement from your superiors, clients, and even coworkers. In order to make a positive impression you should remain alert, on your feet, and definitely coherent. You need to use your best judgement when limiting your consumption, no matter what those around you are doing because at the end of the night you are the one in control of your reputation. Use your head; have fun but be smart.


#3 - Solo Attendance

Since it’s an office party, it is likely that only clients, employees, employers, and possibly even staff are invited. This means bringing a boyfriend/girlfriend may not be the best idea and it isn’t good etiquette to call and ask permission to bring someone or to just bring them without asking and hoping no one notices the extra guest.


#4 – Be Courteous and Grateful

You should be sure to remember to give thanks to the coordinators of the party for working so hard to host and set up the event. A lot of effort goes into party planning, even if it’s just a small gathering. This will set you apart from those who show up long enough to devour snacks and leave.


#5 – Don’t Be Afraid to Mingle

If your company CEO attends the holiday party for the company occasionally during the year it can’t hurt to introduce yourself. A proper introduction includes eye contact, a firm handshake, and clearly delivering both your first and last name. Doing this will make you stand out from others because it shows that you have confidence, a much needed trait in businesses.


#6 – Dress the Part

It is important to remember that at the party you will need to dress nice and have holiday cheer because people will constantly be watching you. It will be as though you are on display in an art exhibit. You are throwing your image out there, and it needs to be a good one. Common courtesy, such as helping the hosts to keep things going by refilling drinks or putting food out, is a good way to leave an impression they won’t forget.


You should try to introduce yourself to people you may not know but work with, and just start conversations with those you don’t see often. Holiday office parties don’t have to be a drag or dreaded event; it’s up to you to make the most of it. You never know when your exceptional holiday party etiquette will pay off…


Do you have holiday party stories? What is the worse holiday office party you’ve ever been to?