I am certain that Christmas is a favorite holiday for everyone. It is a time to go back to childhood and remember all miracles and dreams we once believed in. The stereotype about this day is as follows: snow, a cozy crackling fire, a big family, a Christmas tree, lights, and presents. So what do we give each other?


Undoubtedly, there is no problem now in establishing a list of the most common Christmas gifts. Number one has always been and indeed will always be a pair of fancy socks or stockings. They are so warm and cute that we succumb to the impulse of buying them for our dear people. However, as many surveys show (and you will probably confirm) these items are not what people usually want to get. These are odd, funny things one would probably never wear on any other occasion.


And although presents are not meant to bear a practical characteristic, many people stick to the point that they should. Otherwise, such things are likely to be thrown away in a short while. This rule is true in 85% of cases unless you are a child or an incorrigible collector of anything your eye can catch a glimpse of. Do not despair if you are still a slave of traditional thinking (for socks and stockings). The main intrinsic value of any present is the feelings, emotions, and good wishes you put into it so that a person receiving it could feel cared for and regarded.


Indeed, we always hear that the best gift is the one made with our own hands. I am not trying to convince you to forget about an ordinary shopping option or make something ugly if you are absolutely dreadful with your hands. Rather, it is a mild persuasion to give a crack at something you are good or relatively ok at. So if you lack ideas, you may still stick to stockings or socks but make them extraordinary by knitting or crocheting them. 


Bright colors, warmth, and good feelings will bring joy in a cold dwelling to both the creator and the gifted. Complement it with a nice sparkling card and heartfelt greetings and you will win the prize. The same again, the card can be bought or drawn by yourself. Despite the huge variety of these items on the market and especially before Christmas, a unique touch of your own hand can transform it dramatically.


Another good present everyone is pretty capable of making is to wear a fancy dress and become a famous character. Is this Santa Claus or an elf you want to be? Or you are up for a fairy? Anything to do with Christmas will do. Remember, it is not the clothes you are wearing that make it all, it is your mood and cheerfulness. If none of the above works, give a gift subscription that matches the recipient's interests and hobbies!


Give and receive presents, talk, sing and laugh, make a snowman (weather permitting) and sit next to the fire – immerse in Christmas to the full.