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The Pioneer Woman
-25 %
The Pioneer Woman is full of great tips, easy recipes, fun shopping, heartfelt stories and tons of laughs. Find dozens of family-friendly recipes, go ..
$18.00 $23.96
Taste of Home
-58 %
Model: M02097
Taste of Home is America’s #1 cooking magazine. You will see why millions of cooks count on Taste of Home for delicious, home-style dishes their famil..
$15.00 $35.94
Women's Health
-64 %
Women's Health Magazine is a fresh, smart, informative and inspiring lifestyle magazine that speaks to today's active, youthful women in a way that is..
$18.00 $49.90
Good Housekeeping
-62 %
Model: M00998
Good Housekeeping magazine covers food, nutrition, fashion , beauty, relationships, home decorating and home care, health and child care and consumer ..
$15.00 $39.90
Model: M00100
American Digger is a bi-monthly publication written by and for those who love recovering artifacts. The magazine features relic hunting, bottle diggi..
Connecticut (Outside CT)
-47 %
Model: M00554
Connecticut(Outside CT) is devoted to all aspects of life in Connecticut with a special emphasis on issues, events, people, dining out, home & garden ..
$24.97 $47.40
Garden & Gun
-50 %
Model: M00958
Garden & Gun is a celebration of Southern lifestyle at its best, featuring the great outdoors, food, style, history & travel...
$24.98 $49.50
Hunt Alaska
-43 %
Model: M01130
Hunt Alaska magazine is published 3 times per year and combines exciting editorial from expert anglers with stunning photography made possible by the ..
$11.95 $20.97
The Week
-68 %
Model: M02170
The Week is a spirited newsweekly that distills the best of news, opinion, and ideas from the U. S. and international media. It's smart, incisive, wry..
$129.00 $399.50
-66 %
Model: M01815
Reason is the monthly print magazine of “free minds and free markets. ” It covers politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, anal..
$14.97 $43.45
The Nation
-49 %
Model: M02159
The Nation Magazine discusses political and social questions. The magazine is America's oldest weekly magazine, the flagship of the left and the most ..
$104.00 $203.66
-73 %
Model: M01561
Newsweek is a weekly news magazine and reports on each week's developments on the national and global news front through news, commentary and analysis..
$99.99 $374.95
-75 %
Model: M00898
Forbes magazine is edited for management in U. S. corporations and those aspiring to senior executive positions. Provides readers with a broad range o..
$29.95 $119.88
Bloomberg Businessweek
-67 %
Model: M00307
Bloomberg Businessweek is America’s leading business news magazine, makes the world of business intriguing by identifying and analyzing pivotal events..
$100.00 $299.50
Model: M02148
The Economist is a weekly news and business publication written for top business decision-makers and opinion leaders who need a wide range of informat..
Fast Company
-80 %
Model: M00830
Fast Company magazine considers itself the handbook of the business revolution. It offers ideas, practical tools, profiles and evaluations on the new ..
$12.00 $59.88

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