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05 Dec How to Make Your Next Holiday Office Party a Success
Editor 1 3033
Holiday office parties seem like the perfect way to spend nice bonding time with colleagues while eating little finger foods and sipping wine- right? This can definitely be the case, but in order to protect your professional image from say, kissing..
13 Nov Would Eating Like They Did at the First Thanksgiving Make Us Less Fat?
Editor 0 1782
The leaves have almost all fallen, the store shelves are lined with Christmas merchandise, and recipes for pumpkin everything are everywhere. It can only mean that Thanksgiving is near. Families are busy making menus and fighting over who gets to b..
06 Nov Holiday Decorating: Smart, Traditional Ideas
Editor 0 1947
Christmas in recent years has been leaner than it used to be for many people, owing to the effects of the lengthy recession. When just buying gifts for everyone on your list is a matter of concern, decorating your home to beautifully reflect the holi..
19 Dec Christmas And Gift Giving
Oksana 0 3355
I am certain that Christmas is a favorite holiday for everyone. It is a time to go back to the childhood and remember all miracles and dreams we once believed in. The stereotype about this day is as follows: snow, a cozy crackling fire, a big family,..
27 Nov Gift Giving Tips
Oksana 0 3624
Some people like giving gifts, others don’t... Some spend loads of time in order to choose the best thing they could possibly get, others are more chilled out about it. Still a present exchange involves two persons at least and the main one is the gi..
26 Jan 2015 Super Bowl Sunday
Editor 0 2639
Super Bowl Sunday is a week away. The New England Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks in what should be a spectacular game. The SeahawksThe Seattle Seahawks have given themselves the opportunity to win back to back Super Bowls, a feat last ..
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