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Country Woman Magazine features a large food section filled with mouth-watering, down-home recipes for todays cooks, including winning recipes for the issues contest. There are also ideas for easy and frugal country decorating, casual entertaining, fun and appealing crafts, garden tips, lifestyle stories, health advice, puzzles, nostalgia and more. Its also where women come to share and celebrate life through food, crafts, decorating, humor and more; much of each issue is based on contributions from our readers.
Country Woman is currently published 6 times annually at the cover price of $30.94. Frequency is subject to change without notice, and special issues may be published occasionally (which count as 2 issues).

Give a gift subscription to Country Woman magazine for only $19.98 and save 28% off! Give 7 issues (print), 7 issues (digital) of Country Woman for a whole year plus send a free personalize gift card or e-card in your name announcing your gift to the Country Woman magazine subscription.

Some Quick Facts About Country Woman Magazine Gift!

Issues per year: 7 issues (print), 7 issues (digital)
Estimated Delivery: 10 to 12 Weeks (print), 4 to 8 Weeks (digital)
Publishing Frequency: Seasonal
Auto-renewals: Absolutely NO AUTO-RENEWALS when you order a gift subscription to Country Woman with us!

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Country Woman Magazine is a great gift for the 2021 holiday season and we offer this subscription at a discounted rate of $19.98 with NO AUTO-RENEWALS. You will never see an unauthorized charge to your credit card! Country Woman is for anyone who enjoys Lifestyle magazines for the Christmas holiday season, an upcoming birthday, anniversary or any event and celebration. For only $19.98 you are giving 7 issues (print), 7 issues (digital) issues of Country Woman and saving 28% off cover price.

Your loved one will thank you all year long when they receive their Country Woman gift subscription in the mail for a whole year. That's because they will receive fresh articles on Lifestyle on a Seasonal basis. What’s more? Your gift of Country Woman will be announced with a special gift card or e-card which you can request and customize the message. We will mail it out with your name as the thoughtful gift giver for free!

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Country Woman Gift Subscription:

Q. Do I need to enter my account number to order Country Woman gift subscription?

No account number is needed to order as long as the name and mailing same are the same. We will merge Country Woman gift to the existing subscription with no duplicates.

Q. When will the gift recipient receive the first issue of Country Woman Magazine if I order today?

If you order today, the first issue will start in about 10 to 12 Weeks (print), 4 to 8 Weeks (digital) and a total of 7 issues (print), 7 issues (digital) issues delivered to the gift recipient.

Q. Can you send a message to the gift recipient letting them know that it’s on the way?

Absolutely! We can mail a post card for free with your Country Woman gift subscription. Simply choose from our current designs and enter the message you want to send.

Q. I need to order Country Woman Magazine for a gift this week. Will the gift card arrive on time?

We mail out postcards once a week and recommend sending an e-card with your Country Woman gift subscription. Simply select ‘e-card’ and enter the message you would like and also choose the date you want the e-card delivered. E-cards go out every day and can be scheduled up to several months away.

Q. How do I renew a gift subscription to Country Woman magazine?

You can renew Country Woman gift subscription online by selecting the number of years you would like to renew and 'renew' option above. Enter the mailing address as it appears on your gift recipient's current issue of Country Woman magazine and the renewal will be added to their existing subscription. Please ask them to expect to see the new expiration date on their Country Woman magazine cover within 10 to 12 Weeks (print), 4 to 8 Weeks (digital) or placing your gift order.

No Libraries or schools. Email address required for digital delivery.

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